InterVarsity San Luis Obispo Workday Link:

InterVarsity San Luis Obispo Vision Statement:
To see every corner of Cal Poly and Cuesta campus transformed by the love of Jesus

Our conferences allow college students to spend some time away from campus in order to invest in their relationship jobs hiring near me with God and one another. This provides an opportunity for Christian and non-Christian students to fall in love with Jesus. 

Unfortunately, not every student who wants to attend a conference to know more about Jesus has the means to pay for it. Workday is an opportunity for our InterVarsity students to raise scholarship money as a community so that no one will miss o ut on a life changing opportunity due to their financial situation. Workday is a way for generous community supporters to host college students to help with their various house chores and projects such as yard work or cleaning, and donate to our scholarship fund.

Support Us:
Would you please consider supporting our vision to reach the campus by hosting a workday in near future? If you have any questions, please email Christine: