InterVarsity Bible Studies

We use our diverse (spiritual, cultural, and social) backgrounds to help each other discover God by taking a break from the wear and tear of college life and to study the scripture inductively. Come join us on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings with curiosity and genuine desire to see for yourself who Jesus really is.


Cal Poly Contact Card

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Cal Poly Spring Quarter Bible Studies

Tuesday @ 6pm

LOCATION: Tsitpxatu Dorm (Bldg 172G)
Tuesdays @ 6pm

Come join as we navigate the Bible and the impact it can have on us and those around us!

Contact Chloe: 714-686-3282

Wednesday @ 7pm

LOCATION: University Union Conference Room 218 (65-218)
Wednesdays @ 7pm

Same study, different day!

Contact Maddie: 916-276-8762