InterVarsity Small Groups

Small groups are where we build communities within InterVarsity. We use our diverse (spiritual, cultural, and social) backgrounds to help each other discover God by taking a break from the wear and tear of college life. Bring your honest questions, and genuine desire to see for yourself who Jesus really is.


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Cal Poly Fall Quarter Small Groups


Monday 7PM

Zoom Link:

*Arielle has a passcode so text her at 805-368-6625 prior to the call to hop in*

Hello hello! My name is Arielle and I’m a third year Materials Engineering student. I love cooking, hiking, and all things cats. I’m a particularly curious person, so hit me up with any interesting fun facts :))

This quarter I will be leading a study exploring human identity, both in how the world and how the Bible frame identity. This small group is a great place for curious people and those looking to engage in civil discourse. I’d love to see y’all there and I look forward to some fruitful conversations with everyone! 


Monday 7PM

Zoom Link:

Hi I’m RJ, I’m a second year civil engineering student from Bremerton, WA. I love doing random things with people, bonus points if it’s outside. I’m really looking forward to having a small group where we can engage with each other and the word. With that, we can get closer to God, each other, and those around us. I especially want to focus on newer students who have an extra need for community. So come check it out!


Tuesday 2PM

Zoom Link:

Hi! My name is Marina Zellers and I’m a biomedical engineering major from Lompoc, California. I love to make art, listen to audiobooks, grow succulents, explore new music and go fishing with my family. 

I will be leading a bible study focused on creativity throughout the Bible. We will explore God’s creativity and develop a deeper understanding of Jesus Christ as the Author of our lives. We all have the ability to create, but where does it come from? How should we use it? Everyone is welcome to check it out, whether you consider yourself creative or not. (Hint: we’re all creative because we’re all made in God’s image!)  DM me @crocs_n_socks14 on IG if you are interested!


Tuesday 7PM

Zoom Link:

Hello! My name is Andrew Litto, and I’m a second year environmental earth and soil sciences major from Henderson, Nevada. I am excited to get to know you all and see how the Lord has been active in your lives. My interests are hiking, running, and eating! 


Monday 7PM

Zoom Link:

Hi, I’m Ashley! I’m a second year Aerospace engineering major and I love hiking, running, boba, coffee, and meeting new people.

My small group is a great place for first years and transfers to be connected to an awesome community. This quarter, we’ll be looking at the gospel of John and what it says about who Jesus is. No matter how much you know already, I’d love it if you came and checked it out!


Wednesday 7PM

Zoom Link:

Hello! My name is Timothy and I’m a fourth year Industrial Engineering major at Cal Poly. I enjoy playing and watching basketball, going for runs and watching Netflix with my roommates.

I’m excited to meet you all and can’t wait to open up God’s Word with yo


Wednesday 10:30AM

Zoom Link:

Hello, my name is Brian Buchanan and I am a 5th year in Electrical Engineering at Cal Poly. I spend my free time surfing, working out, going outdoors, and learning new things. 

My small group is focused on helping freshman and transfer students find community during both the transition to Cal Poly and in the midst of COVID-19. The goal for the group is to approach and study the Bible with genuine curiosity, and to create lasting friendships with other members of the group.


Thursday 7PM

Zoom Link:

Hi, I’m Emma! I’m a 4th year electrical engineering student here at cal poly. I enjoy books, music, and staying active through hiking or sports!

This quarter, my small group will be going through the book of Ecclesiastes, exploring God’s timing and being satisfied in Christ. I’m looking forward to seeing some new faces and building community!


Friday 3PM

Zoom Link:

Hello I am James Chapman, and this is my third year at Cal Poly. I really enjoy hiking and exploring San Luis Obispo as well as arts and crafts.

This quarter is crazier than any I have experienced to date which is why it is even more important that we stay connected to the word and to one another. Even if we are not physically together we are still connected in spirit. So let’s delve into God’s word together and maybe we can find some insight into what is going on around us.

Cuesta College Small Group

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