IVSLO Response to COVID-19

Below are some helpful things to know about IVSLO during this Coronavirus pandemic.


Spring Break Camp is cancelled, and for those of you who registered for it, please check your email to get the latest info on refunds & more. In place of this, we are going to offer many online gatherings during your spring break for us to check-in, pray, hang out, study the Bible, and reach every corner of our campus together.


In accordance with local/federal/campus guidelines, we are going to suspend all in-person gatherings of our IVSLO activities for the time being. All small groups, large groups, and other activities will be held via Zoom or other online platforms. If you have not installed Zoom software on your computers and mobile, this might be a great opportunity to do so. 


If you are currently a part of the apprenticeship with an IV leader, please continue to finish the Launch material over Zoom conferencing calls (free for cal poly students).


Our vision is to see every corner of our campus transformed by the love of Jesus, and we will continue to live that out even though our corners have gotten a lot farther apart. During these times of uncertainty, isolation, and confusion, more people might be open to a loving community, spirituality, and Jesus! Let’s keep an eye out for opportunities to be a faithful witness to others about what the Lord has done for us. Let’s depend on the power of the Holy Spirit and with one another boldly and creatively make disciples of all nations during these uncertain times.


In order to create closeness and connection, we are creating a Facebook Group for us to engage with one another. Please search for “InterVarsity SLO” on Facebook groups along with @intervarsityslo Facebook page and join the party! Along with this transition, we will be mainly using the IVSLO Groupme to send out announcements so please refrain from using the Groupme to share personal content, but instead use the Facebook group for community engagement. 


As we practice social distancing, it is going to be tempting to isolate ourselves and fall into bad habits. Please be mindful of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. If you experience depression, anxiety, or other mental health challenges, please reach out to someone in our community. Also, ask someone to keep you accountable for the ways you are easily tempted when you are isolated with a lot of time. Create a structure for yourself and look for new opportunities that you did not have before like time to develop a new hobby/skill. 


It sounds totally counter intuitive that we get to love our neighbors by eliminating all unnecessary physical contact with them. It is not easy to stay home and avoid contact with others when I am not showing any symptoms. However, when we sacrifice our freedom and boldly stay home, we serve others by giving our health care providers an opportunity to serve those who are going to be critically ill due to COVID-19. We get to buy them time so that our health care supply doesn’t get overrun by demand of sharply rising severe cases. Let’s all boldly practice social distancing to love and care for our communities. 


This is a new territory for us(staff) as well. We’re learning right alongside with you about how to build a community when everyone is spread apart. We care about all of you and we are experiencing this for the first time together. You aren’t alone, we’re all wrestling with how to do life, but let’s find the beauty in that communal unknown. Let’s be open to creative ways to be together and extend grace to one another during these confusing times. If you have any question regarding this, contact staff via email: staff@ivslo.org.

Your staff, Denise, Paul & Maddie.