Large Groups

Large Groups provide an opportunity for IVSLO Small Groups to gather as a community to celebrate, worship, pray, and be challenged by God together.

We have two different types of Large Groups:

  1. Respond Actively: We will hear a brief call to action motivated by the Bible, and respond interactively for the bulk of the time.
  2. Prayer and Worship: We gather to lay aside all of our burdens, worship God freely, and encourage one another.

Fall Quarter Large Groups:

Time: Every other Fridays at 7pm – 9:30pm.
Location: Baker Science bldg 180-102

9/21 – Photo Scavenger Bingo

9/28 – Respond Actively

10/12 – Prayer & Worship

12/26 – Respond Actively

11/9 – Prayer & Worship

11/30 – Respond Actively