Campus Derecognition

2574455_origHey friends,

If you’ve been following the news, you may know that InterVarsity on multiple CSU campuses has been derecognized for failing to comply with the CSU Chancellor’s Executive Order 1068. Essentially, 1068 requires all clubs / organizations affiliated with the campus to have membership and leadership open to anyone. While the intent behind this makes sense (shouldn’t everyone be allowed to fully participate in any club on campus?), we can’t sign it in good faith because we require those who want to lead to affirm their faith in God and the Bible. While we welcome and invite everyone to be a part of InterVarsity, especially those who are curious about spirituality, we do require that those leading this ministry believe in the basic principles of Christianity. Our core beliefs are what make us distinctly Christian. It’s the very foundation that we stand on that inspires our mission to be a multiethnic witnessing community on campus that is transformed by God’s Word and Spirit, values all people (ethnicity, gender, culture), and proclaims the Kingdom in word and deed.

Our campus is our mission field, and we love Cal Poly. Please understand that the campus must enforce the policy that the Chancellor’s office has created, and that we’ve met with campus administrators and sought ways to continue partnership. If you want to direct comments somewhere, we’ve been informed that the Chancellor and the CSU Board of Directors are those who need to hear from alumni, students, and supporters.

Feel free to ask us any questions, and please pray for our campus and the CSU system.


The Staff